Adam Staff

Music producer, engineer and programmer.


Music Production

Making each song its best; whether booking rooms, choosing microphones, tweaking synths or talking philosophy.

Read my making of the 2016 Town of Cats album here.

Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering

Expert ears and an acoustically treated and calibrated mix studio. Full live recording rig.

As heard on recordings for ABRSM, Town of Cats, Cloude Atlas, Tout Croche, Deadwall, Black Water County and more.

Audio Programming

Customised music and sound programming in Max and Pure Data, for OSX and Windows.

As seen at the Tate Modern, Aberdeen University and online.


In my 15 years as a practicing musician, I have been at one time or another a rhythm guitarist, jazz bassist, hip-hop basement producer, bedroom songwriter and recordist, post-modern improviser, audio programmer, recording studio technician, music tutor and record producer.

As musician, engineer and producer I have worked at hundreds of venues, dozens of festivals (HCMF, Brighton Fringe, The Great Escape etc.), numerous professional recording studios (Brighton Electric, Limefield, Metway, GTM) and plenty of bedrooms, attics and kitchens.

See my full credits list below.

Read my blog here.

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Credits / Clients

Sofia Edevane (2018) (New EP): Engineering, mixing, production.
Town of Cats (2018) (New EP): Engineering, mixing, production.
Untitled Project (2018) (New EP): Composition, performance, engineering, production.
Sofia Edevane (2018) (New single): Engineering, mixing, production.
Town of Cats (2018) Walls (Single): Engineering, mixing, production. Apple Music / Spotify / YouTube.
Sphinx Theatre (2018) A Berlin Kabaret (Theatre): Sound design. Oxford / Brighton.
in the fields (2018) (Visual / Instrument): Programming.
Grimaldi (2017) (EP): Performance, production.
ABRSM/National Youth Choirs Great Britain (2017) New Singing Syllabus Medley: Engineering, editing, production, mixing, mastering. YouTube.
Talc (2017) DIY Synthesis (Workshops): Workshop delivery. Talc.
Town of Cats (2017) Dance Off the Deadbeat (Single video): Engineering, production, mixing. YouTube.
Town of Cats (2016) The Demon / Deadzone (Live videos): Engineering, mixing, mastering. YouTube.
Town of Cats (2016) Dance Off the Deadbeat (Album): Engineering, production, mixing. Bandcamp / Making of blog.
in the fields (2016) Crinan Canal (Installation): Composition, engineering, mixing, mastering.
Talc (2016) Sound Programming (Workshops): Workshop delivery. Talc.
Paradolia (2016) (Single / B-side): Engineering, production, mixing.
missiles over moscow (2016) T2 - Heartbroken (missilesovermoscow rmx) (Single): Mastering.
Dead Good Arts (2016) (Music Collective): Live and recorded sound.
Paradolia (2016) Time Is Equal (Single): Engineering, mixing, mastering. YouTube.
Fresh Like Dexie (2016) My Kind of Blue / Occam's Razor (Interlude) (Single): Engineering, mixing, mastering. YouTube.
Duncan Disorderly and the Scalliwags (2015) (Live Album): Engineering. Youtube.
Dead Good Live (2015) (Music Promotion): Live and recorded sound. YouTube.
Cloude Atlas (2015) Nuage EP (EP) [Olympia Records]: Mixing, mastering. iTunes / Spotify
Town of Cats (2015) King of the Jungle (Single): Mastering. Bandcamp
Cloude Atlas (2015) Nuage (Single) [Olympia Records]: Mixing, mastering. iTunes / Spotify.
Tout Croche (2015) The Whole Shabang (Album) [Kohlenstoff Records / The Silent Howl]: Mixing. Physical / Digital.
Town of Cats (2015) The Demon (Single): Mastering. Soundcloud.
Town of Cats (2015) (Live EP): Engineering, mixing, mastering. YouTube / Youtube.
Town of Cats (2014) Vampire / Dead Zone (Live EP): Engineering, production, mixing. YouTube / YouTube.
Black Water County (2014) The Fellowship of the Craic (EP): Mastering. Soundcloud. Buy.
Otherplace Productions (2014) The Warren: Main House (Brighton Fringe Festival): Technician (sound bias).
in the fields (2013) Bennachie (Installation): Sound facilitation.
Tout Croche (2013) Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) (remix): Performance, engineering, production, mixing, mastering. bandcamp.
Tuesday at Four (2013) (Three tracks): Engineering, production, mixing, mastering. Soundcloud.
Deadwall (2013) (Two tracks): Engineering, production, mixing, mastering.
Jahméne Douglas (2013) (Three tracks): Assistant vocal engineering.
Quei Due (2013) (EP): Engineering, production, mixing, mastering. Soundcloud.
Cate Ferris (2013) (Songs for new EP): Engineering, production, mixing, mastering.
(2012 and earlier)
Patrick Staff (2012) Chewing Gum for the Social Body (software): Sound application programming.
88888 (2012) 0800 Rhythm Machine (software): Program design and coding. bandcamp.
Adam Staff and Cate Ferris (2012) Laughing In Your Sleep (Single): Composition, engineering, production, mixing, mastering.
(2010-2011) 52 Ghosts (13 EPs): Composition, performance, engineering, production, mixing, mastering. Tumblr.
Wild Hope (2010) Going Nowhere (remix): Production, mixing, mastering. bandcamp.
The Odd Couple (2010) The Truth (remix): Performance, production, mixing, mastering. bandcamp.
The Odd Couple (2010) The Truth (single): Vocal engineering, mixing, mastering. Soundcloud.
afterspark (2007) Sometimes We Forget (album): Composition, performance, engineering, production, mixing. iTunes | Spotify.


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Located near Brighton in Sussex, I work from a treated and calibrated project studio which combines key pieces of world-class gear with a collection of DIY and classic mics and synths.

I also run a full 24-channel live recording rig, along with a compact rig perfect for acoustic, classical and jazz concerts.

Typical Rates

Per track / project deals, and multiple role deals (e.g. production + mixing) negotiable. Let me know the details and if I like what you're doing, there's usually a way that we can make it work on your budget.

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